Roald Velden

Hi, my name is Roald Boesveld and I was born in the year 1987! With a father who loved music I came in frequent contact with music throughout my childhood. It didn't take long for me to get the same passion for music. I used to listen to more Rock stuff until my father gave me a CD full of Dance hits. I listened to this CD over and over again. My love for dance music began to grow so I bought a lot of CD's in this genre. When I got older, a friend of mine gave me a CD with Trance music. When I heard my first Trance record I was in love. This music had so many emotional elements and yet so much energy. I loved the energy and power, so my journey brought me in other EDM genres like Hardtrance and after that Hardhouse/Hardstyle and Hardcore (Gabber). But after a year of love for the Harderstyles my love for Trance came back stronger than ever. The first time I started making music was with a program called Ejay. It was a simple sample-based program that learned me the basics of dance music. At that time a friend of mine said he had a better program: Fruity Loops 3. I remember the first time I opened Fruity Loops 3 and I didn't understand anything of it. It took me a lot of time to learn how it works. A few versions of FL Studio later I was becoming better and better at my productions. Around this time I got my first release for a record label. This caught the attention of Nils Huzen aka Talamanca (Cylum at first), nowadays a good friend of mine. I heard some of his tracks and found out that he lived at only 10 km from me. So from that point on we produced together as Cylum & Velden. We got support from Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond and a lot more Trance DJ's. After years of Uplifting Trance I suddenly came across this genre called Progressive House. From the moment I heard it I was in love. The emotion and atmosphere of these tracks really got to me. So much that I decided to start making Progressive House as well. People seemed to love my early creations, so from that moment on my project Roald Velden was born. Nowadays my main style is Progressive House or Trance, but I like to experiment with other genres as well. I hope you enjoy my music, because there is a lot more to come in the future!